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Don't settle for just a few packaged options.

Get the most impact from your budget with Deltacom Corporation's customized telephone system packages, created for YOUR business, no one else's.


Every business is unique, so why restrict yourself to only a few similar options? At Deltacom Corporation, your needs come first! Let us help you determine what your needs are and create a system that will perform and conform to the way you like to run your business.

Wide variety of services for custom bundling

At Deltacom Corporation, we know that the most important aspect of doing business is creating relationships that work.


You will not only be provided a needed service, but you'll be provided with more than what is required in order to help you achieve your goals.


Premium brands


— Aspire

— UNIX 5000

— Avaya

— NORTEL Networks


Wide variety of services for custom bundling

  •    Call centers

  •    VoIP solutions/Voice over IP

  •    Call control

  •    Voicemail systems

  •    Key and PBX systems

  •    Local technical support

  •    Paging systems

  •    Audio systems


customized for you

  •    Phones and phone accessories

  •    Computer, phone and speaker wiring

  •    Voice and data cabling

  •    Data and systems networking

  •    Fire departments

  •    Police departments

  •    Ambulance service

  •    Health and rehab facilities

  •    Nursing homes

Enjoy money-saving discounts

Enjoy working with a communication provider that offers real value. Ask about our 10% discount for new customers and loyalty discounts for regular clients. Estimates are always FREE and there are no hidden fees.